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Gateway Unified School District makes “AP Honor Roll”

Central Valley AP history teacher Madison Koerperich, from left, talks with students Chaundra Gomes and Mattie
At some high schools, Advanced Placement courses end up essentially doubling as candidate-pools for class valedictorian, with only the highest achieving students on the roster.
But at Shasta Lake's Central Valley High School, anyone can sign up for the classes that double as college credit with a passed exam.
"We really don't have any criteria other than the student wants to do it," Principal Ryan Johnson said. "If a student is willing and ready, we're going to let them in every time, because we want them to have that experience."
Johnson believes that's part of the reason the Gateway Unified School District — of which Central Valley is the only high school — got its first-ever spot on College Board's "AP Honor Roll." Read the full story here.